Cosmetic Dentistry



ZOOM! whitening

Named after its speed to brighten teeth. This procedure lasts about one hour and will whiten your teeth up to 8 shades!

We begin by applying a whitening gel and shining a specific LED light that activates the gel particles. These go on to breakdown stains and brighten your smile. While we let the gel do its magic, we will put on a movie or some relaxing music to make the time fly by. Who knew a brighter smile could be this fun!

We often have promotions on our ZOOM! treatment. Feel free to call us and find out about ongoing promotions.

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Take-home Whitening Kit

Each of us has a unique set of teeth. Unlike store bought whitening strips we will take an impression of your teeth and make a whitening tray specific to your smile and include it in a beautiful take home kit. You will receive a whitening gel to apply to the trays. We ask you to wear these trays for an hour each day. After a week or two, your smile is sure to shine brighter!

Dental Veneers

Are you looking for that perfect white smile? Look no further than Porcelain Veneers.

Veneers will cover and perfect any teeth past their prime. They are long-lasting and will prevent any further damage caused by staining agents such as red wine, coffee, and smoking.

They are also used for:

  • Repairing a chipped tooth
  • Covering discoloured teeth
  • Reshaping disproportionate teeth
  • Hiding excessive gums
  • Repairing tooth degeneration caused by age

Invisalign and Clean Aligners

Have you ever thought about having straight teeth but didn’t like the idea of walking around with wires and brackets on your teeth? Here at Beacon Hill Dental Center in Burlington we offer Invisalign (clear aligner treatment) which are revolutionary systems that allow you to straighten your teeth. These clear aligners are suitable for all ages. You can forget about the brackets and wires and enjoy all your food comfortably without anyone noticing them!

Invisalign aligns the teeth which allows the teeth, muscles and jaws to work in a harmonious relationship. This harmonious relationship results in great long term health benefits as they leave teeth less susceptible to decay, gums less susceptible to gum disease and results in an even distribution of the chewing load on the jaw and muscles. Best of all, you will have a beautiful and confident smile to show off to family and friends! The terms Invisalign and Clear Aligners are used interchangeably and they refer to the same type of treatment, unless specified by the treating dentist.

Tooth Coloured Bonding

Dental bonding is a quick, easy and non-invasive procedure offered by the dentists at Beacon Hill Dental Centre in Burlington to correct many minor defects of teeth. Dental bonding” refers to both the procedure and material used in the procedure