About Us

About Us

Dr. Yazan Hamamy

Dr. Hamamy graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology from McMaster University before he moved to Boston, Massachusetts, and attended dental school. Following his 2009 graduation, he proceeded to join the AEGD residency program in Arizona, where he expanded his clinical knowledge and enhanced his ability to treat complex cases.

Dr. Hamamy moved back in 2010 to support and promote healthy oral hygiene in his community, where he has been both nominated and awarded with the Reader’s Choice Award. He considers dentistry a privilege and takes pride in keeping up to date with the latest advancements in the industry.

In his spare time, he enjoys an active lifestyle playing hockey and practicing the ancient martial art of Shaolin Kung-Fu. His dedication to health, the field of dentistry, and passion to change the lives of others is reflected in all aspects of the practice.

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Dr. David Dimian

In 2015, Dr. David moved to Burlington, Ontario. He is passionate about helping improve and restore patient smiles through education and quality dentistry. Dr. Dimian was born in Egypt, which is also where he received his Bachelor of Dental and Oral Surgery from Alexandria University. He then went on to receive his Diploma in Implant Dentistry awarded by Seville University in Spain.In his spare time Dr. David enjoys swimming and playing guitar.

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Why Waterview?

Disinfection, Sterilization and Safety
We take disinfection and sterilization very seriously! In 2018 Dentistry at Waterview started treating family and friends and taking care of our community’s oral-health needs. We have strict policies, protocols and procedures in disinfection and sterilization and continue to pass and exceed the standards set by the regulating authorities. We have the latest and most advanced sterilization equipment and techniques to stay on top infection control

To put things in perspective, here at Dentistry at Waterview, we treat our team members and our own family and friends, that has always been the focal point when we think and train for infection control, disinfection and sterilization and safety. Dentistry at Waterview invested in a sophisticated air purification system. We use Surgically Clean Air purifiers, a medical grade system equipped with HEPA-Rx filters within the six-stage filtration process to keep our air clean.

The safety of your records and personal information is protected to make sure your confidentiality is maintained.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss our procedures with you and give you a tour of our amazing facility.

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Technology at Dentistry at Waterview

Here at Beacon Hill Dental Centre we continuously update and upgrade our clinic to improve your dental experience, check back here as we add new technologies and evolve to serve you better:

  • Intraoral cameras – allowing our patients to see what we see.
  • Digital X-rays – Immediate image capture and display and up to 90% less radiation.
  • Paperless office – reducing our environmental footprint and lower cross-contamination.
  • Text messaging and Teledentistry – making communication easier.
  • Televisions with NetFlix, Amazon Prime and Kidzone with Xbox – making your dental visit more enjoyable.
  • Electric handpieces and LED overhead lights – lessens the dreaded sounds of a dental office drill and improves our vision.
  • Dental Laser – less trauma in soft tissue treatments and innovative solutions to annoying problems like cold sores.
  • Surgically Clean Air – medical grade high efficiency air purification system.